Qsymia Review

Qsymia – The perfect weight loss drug

“I never really needed weight loss pills and could easily lose extra pounds whenever I wanted with exercise. But after menopause I gained weight like crazy and at 59, I struggle to even walk a few paces without struggling for breath. Buying Qsymia really helped to start the process of getting back in shape. Every few weeks I keep losing at least six pounds. The drug really works for me. I also manage to eat healthily and exercise with the help of my trainer. This helps in maintaining the effects of the drug. You have to really work it if you want to shed the excess pounds like me. I love how Qsymia works for me and hope that anyone else considering buying the drug will find it useful too.” – Victoria

Managing obesity with Qsymia

“I have been struggling with obesity for the most part of my life. Qsymia is what came to my aid when I finally decided to take matters into my own hand. Initially, I felt some side effects that didn’t let me follow my usual schedule. Now that I’m more used to the drug I feel so much lighter than I used to be. It’s been a month since I started taking Qsymia and I can already feel the difference. Earlier I used to eat so much that it was very difficult to control my cravings. Now I’m able to schedule my meals and actually have to remind myself to eat. I also make sure that my meals are healthy and this further helps this drug work better for me. I am so happy with this drug as without it I would have developed diabetes, in the absence of any kind of obesity treatment.” – Jenna

Qsymia gave me back my life

“This is simply amazing and I feel that I must share my story with everyone because Qsymia has really saved my life. I was disgusted with my weight and also felt pathetic that I was not doing anything about it. I finally decided to take up my issues with my doctor and was prescribed to take Qsymia once every morning. Within a few weeks, the pounds started dropping like crazy. This was exactly what I expected and excited that this drug has worked so well for me. Five months later now and I’m 45 pounds lighter than what I was. You really have to try it and experience it for yourself.” – Betty

What a way to jump-start weight loss with Qsymia!

“My doctor prescribed Qsymia for me when I told her how worried I was about my rapidly gaining weight. This drug helped trigger the weight loss and I was soon losing a few pounds every week. I also do some ab exercises to keep my muscles and tummy toned. The same doctor helped me stop taking the drug as well when I reached my ideal weight. It’s amazing what this drug can do for anyone interested in losing weight.” – Frieda