Procedure To Get A Prescription For Xenical For The First Time

xenical prescription onlineTo get a prescription for Xenical medication, the first and foremost step is to consult with a doctor. They would check whether your health condition requires Xenical or not through various ways. We are going to look about that in detail along with the complete procedure for getting a Xenical prescription.

How will the doctor judge whether you need Xenical or not?

The healthcare professional would check your medical history. They will check your weight, height, and body mass index (BMI). They will also check whether you are at risk of getting affected by various health issues due to obesity. The medications that you are currently taking would be checked.

BMI is a measure that would tell whether you are overweight or not and it is a parameter to check on how Xenical can be beneficial to you. A healthy person’s BMI should be between 18.5 kg/m and 24.9 kg/m. When the BMI is above 30, then it causes serious health risks to a person.

Age is also a factor that is considered before prescribing this weight loss medication. It is a must that you have to be at least 12 years old. Even if you have 28 as your BMI but with health issues like a high level of fat in the blood, high blood pressure or diabetes, you would be eligible to take Xenical medication.

When your doctor decides that you can take Xenical pills then he or she would explain about the need to follow a low-fat diet and a daily exercise routine. This would help you to increase the effectiveness of the medication and to lessen the side effects in the body.

A prescription would be provided to you with which you can get the medication either from an offline or an online pharmacy.

If you have chosen retail pharmacies than a physical check on the blood pressure, weight and height would be made. This occurs before providing you with the drug.

Getting Xenical with repeat prescriptions

If you want to fill your Xenical prescriptions for six to twelve months without visiting the doctor each time then you can go about getting a repeat prescription. In this case, you have to talk to the doctor and pharmacist about it.

Generally, a period of three months is taken to judge whether Xenical is helpful for you or not. If they find that you have lost 5% of your overall weight then they would think about continuing the treatment.

So, after this phase, you can utilize the repeat prescription facility.

In case, you have chosen an online pharmacy to get your pills then make sure that you opt for the same site every time so you can easily back up the prescription and there will be no need for you to produce it each time before getting Xenical pills.

Can you get Xenical without a prescription?

You are not supposed to get this weight loss medication without a prescription. Xenical might not be safe for everyone and definitely not a good idea to take with few drugs. Only when you get a prescription, it is possible for you to know these aspects.

Since we have mentioned the procedure to get Xenical pills, you would now know how easy and important to do it.