What makes Phentermine difficult to be purchased without prescription?

There are certain aspects that make it difficult to purchase Phentermine without prescription. One of the Aspects is, legitimate pharmacies will not provide the medications without prescription since they follow the rules and regulations of the federal law. According to the government policies, buyers or sellers should not purchase medicine without Rx because the Phentermine medication belongs to the Schedule IV controlled substance.

Here we have listed some difficulties of buying Phentermine without Rx. 

  1. Legality issues

In case if you are purchasing Phentermine without a medical script from online instead of a retail outlet, you have to face the legality issues. As per the federal law, the patient should not buy the weight loss pill from internet drugstore without medical Rx. You will be penalized by the government if you follow this strategy to get the Phentermine medication with a proper Rx.

  1. You may get counterfeit pills

Many pharmacies are available to provide counterfeit medications to their customers who purchase Phentermine without prescription. Because that’s a good opportunity to sell these kinds of meds and no one will ask a question to them even the buyer who lost his money. Recently, Food and Drugs Administration department issued the letter to these pharmacies a warning against the practice of ordering Phentermine from unlicensed manufacturer company.

FDA stated, the most common problems faced when buying counterfeit weight loss pill, namely that:

  • The medications may contain harmful ingredients
  • The drugs may fake ineffective, unsafe, or contaminated
  • May contain the wrong amount of active ingredients in the pills
  • It may not be evaluated for efficacy and safety 
  1. You may get expired medications

Only illegitimate online pharmacies provide the medicine without a medical script. If you purchase the medicine from this place, you may get the expired Phentermine pill because they want to gain more revenue.

If you are getting any kind of expired Phentermine medication then you should stay away from them. On the off chance that you get a questionable medication, the main sign of an issue is when the label expiration is either smeared, scratched off, or missing. Do not take it. 

  1. May have a chance to choose the wrong dosage

Buying fat burner medication without doctor script, you do not know which dosage will work effectively for obesity. Only doctors will know which dosage is right and safe for the patient. So there may be a chance to select the wrong dosage of Phentermine pill. 

  1. OTC drug cost not covered by an Insurance policy

The insurance policy will not cover the price of medicine while buying Phentermine without a proper prescription. So you have to spend too much of money on your medical expenses.

Even if you are ordering the Phentermine medication without a prescription, you may lead to addiction by taking the medicine without doctor guidelines since the medicine belongs to the schedule IV controlled substance. Even though it is a schedule IV controlled substance it is the best weight loss pill. So it is always better for you to buy the weight loss medicine with the prior medical remedy and avoid these above difficulties.