Facts and myths about Xenical medication

xenical medicationIt is a medication that is used in treating obesity and overweight issues. The drug works by blocking some of the fat that we take in the form of food and keeps it from being absorbed by the body. This medicine helps people in reducing the risk of regaining the weight that was already lost. One has to take Xenical along with a low-calorie diet and doctor approved exercise in order to achieve tremendous results. In this blog, you can get to know the various facts and myths that are associated with this drug.

Myth: Xenical can cause side effects

Fact: Not every person who consumes Xenical gets its side effects. Certain side effects, especially those that could affect the digestive tract are known to be common, particularly in the initial days of taking this drug. Intake of low-calorie diet and low fatty foods can be of great help in averting the side effects that are related to digestion. Other kinds of side effects are also possible when a person takes this medication. However, those side effects vary in the frequency of common, uncommon or are rare among people who are taking the medicine.

Myth: The drug is an addictive substance

Fact: Xenical is certainly not an addictive product. Also, there is no potential of overusing this drug by people for whom it has been prescribed.

Myth: I am not able to take other antibiotics along with Xenical

Fact: You can take antibiotics i.e. drugs that fight bacterial infections along with Xenical. Antibiotics do not intrude with its action and also this pill does not happen to interfere with the action of the antibiotics. However, it does happen to impede with other medications that are classified as antivirals and those that are used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS. If you take any other medicine for treating other medical condition along with this medication, the doses of other drugs will have to be titrated or you might have to be under observation in order to learn about the side effects.

Myth: Xenical can be taken by any person

Fact: Not everyone is prescribed for Xenical. Some adolescents who are overweight to a certain extent, who are not being helped by diet and exercise and those who have a weight related issue, those who are having issues related to your weight and do not have any medical conditions are only prescribed with this medicine. It is indicated for weight loss and is to be prescribed only for those who are at least 12 years old and have:

  1. A body mass index of at least 30
  2. A body mass index of 27.9 and also have a weight related issue like high blood pressure, high fat level in blood, diabetes or heart ailments

Myth: Prescription is not required to obtain Xenical

Fact: Xenical is a prescription medication and hence a prescription is a must to procure this drug. In order to be eligible to get a prescription, the patient has to be an adult having overweight issues that has not been helped by diet and exercise and also by any other medicines.